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Worry-free pasteurized eggs for your commercial kitchen.

At Aegis Foods™, we understand the importance of keeping your food, facilities, employees, and diners safe.

Aegis Eggs are made safe from salmonella and other pathogens by gently inundating them with very warm water - only water - for a long enough time to kill bacteria but result in egg presentations that perform and taste just like conventional eggs.


Reduce salmonella risks in healthcare, restaurant, and food service kitchens.

Delicious, safe eggs that save labor and deliver consistent results.

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Protection from Salmonella & other Foodborne Illnesses

By using Aegis pasteurized shell eggs, facilities can reduce the risk of foodborne illness caused by salmonella contamination and other harmful pathogens. This is especially important for healthcare patients who are already ill or have weakened immune systems. Salmonella in restaurants can cause serious health problems for customers and employees. Direct exposure is a risk, but even a single mishandled egg with salmonella can contaminate an entire kitchen and lead to an outbreak.

Ready-to-Eat & Increased Menu Options

One of the great advantages of using Aegis Eggs is that they are not only safe to consume raw, but they also provide an excellent option to enjoy eggs cooked in a variety of ways. By having Aegis Eggs available in your kitchen, you can expand your menu options and offer some exciting new dishes. So whether you're looking to whip up a quick Caesar salad dressing, a delicious dessert, or fool-proof eggs Benedict, be sure to turn to Aegis eggs for a versatile ingredient that is guaranteed to impress!

Essential Nutrients with a Longer Shelf Life

Eggs are a miracle of nature with protein, good fat, minerals and vitamins. They are among the most nutrient dense foods available. Eggs promote satiety which helps with weight maintenance and have a low glycemic index. Eggs can be used safely in shakes and drinks to help with dysphagia. In addition, Aegis pasteurized eggs have a longer shelf life than unpasteurized eggs, and can be stored 63 days without spoiling. Get ready to reduce food waste and to save money!

Operational Safety & Efficiency

Aegis Foods™ has an advanced pasteurization process that is specifically designed to kill any harmful pathogens that may be present in raw eggs, including salmonella. This means that Aegis pasteurized eggs reduce the risk of foodborne illness and contamination, helping to improve overall kitchen hygiene and efficiency.

Regulations? Easy Peasy

Depending upon your location, jurisdiction, and population served, there can be many regulations regarding the storage, handling, and serving of shell eggs. These regulations can be quite complex, requiring a great deal of knowledge to navigate. Since Aegis eggs are classified as ready-to-eat and a non-PHF (Potentially Hazardous Food), they are therefore exempt from egg safety rules!


Food-borne illness outbreaks can profoundly damage a restaurant's or facilities reputation. Negative media attention and social media backlash can result in negative reviews, lost customers, legal action, and scrutiny from public health authorities. Be worry-free by using Aegis pasteurized eggs in your kitchen.

What is salmonella?

Salmonella is a type of bacteria that can cause food poisoning. Salmonella is found on the shell and inside the egg. The most common types of salmonella in egg is s. enteritidis. Washing eggs can remove salmonella from shells but the bacteria is still found inside the eggs.

How frequently is salmonella found in eggs?

It is estimated that there is salmonella found inside in 1 in 20,000 eggs and 1% of eggs have salmonella on the shell. But because of mixing and cross contamination, the risk is greater than consuming a single egg.

How does a laying hen contract salmonella?

Salmonella can primarily gets into chicken eggs in 1 of  2 ways. If a hen is infected with Salmonella, the bacteria can get into the egg as it is forming in the oviduct. The other way is if the egg is laid or falls on a contaminated surface such as feces or bedding material, or if the eggshell is contaminated after it is laid. A hen with a salmonella infection can lay eggs without appearing sick.

How can I tell if a egg has salmonella?

Without lab equipment, you can’t – an egg contaminated with salmonella will likely look, taste and smell just like any other egg.

Doesn’t cooking an egg kill salmonella?

Cooking eggs to an internal temperature of 165F can kill salmonella. This means both whites and yolk are firm. However many of the most popular egg styles do not reach this temperature, including sunny side up, poached and soft boiled. Many baking and culinary techniques require using eggs that are under-cooked and therefore present a risk of contaminating a dish. Other examples where raw or undercooked eggs are used are eggnog, Caesar dressing, flan, mouses, cookie dough, salad dressings and cocktails. Again, the risk is direct consumption and cross contamination.

Why is cross contamination such a risk?

Salmonella can grow rapidly under the right conditions, with a colony doubling in size every 20 minutes.

What are the consequences of a salmonella infection?

What are the consequences of a salmonella infection?

Eggs that are contaminated with salmonella can lead to serious infection, illness, long term health effects and sometimes death.  According to the CDC:

  • Most people who get sick from Salmonella have diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps.
  • Symptoms usually begin 6 hours to 6 days after infection and last 4 to 7 days. People with diarrhea should drink extra fluids.
  • Most people recover without specific treatment and should not take antibiotics. Antibiotics are typically used only to treat people who have, or are at risk for, severe illness. Rarely, Salmonella spreads to the bloodstream and causes a life-threatening infection.
  • Some groups of people are more likely to get infected and get seriously ill. These groups include children younger than 5 years, adults 65 years and older, and people who have health problems or take medicines that lower the body’s ability to fight germs and sickness (weakened immune system).
Aegis Foods Facility

The Aegis Foods Facility, South Holland, IL

We are committed to providing the most delicious and safe eggs available.

Aegis was the shield carried by Zeus in Greek Mythology, and now Aegis Foods™ acts as a shield to hospital facilities, restaurants, and consumers in their battle against egg-related foodborne illnesses.

At Aegis, we understand the importance of food safety and our mission is to reduce the risk from eggs. Salmonella continues to be a leading cause of food-borne illness. We want people to enjoy flavorful, versatile, and nutritious eggs whenever possible without risk.

The Aegis pasteurization process was developed by our team and is structured for patent protection, process precision, throughput efficiency, and quality. Among our partners are subject matter experts in egg pasteurization, a PhD in food microbiology, and the world’s leading expert in pasteurization patents and intellectual property. The process ensures that our eggs are safe for consumption, even raw, without sacrificing taste or texture.

Aegis Foods™ owns a 53,000 square foot production facility in South Holland, Illinois. The facility complies with USDA, FDA regulations and standards. HACCP and SQF processes will be actuated as well  as approvals from  Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) and the Orthodox Union.

We believe that people deserve the best eggs without worry, which is why we will work tirelessly to provide the freshest, most flavorful eggs available. 


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Now you can enjoy our same delicious pasteurized eggs at home!

A good egg is the ‘home version’ of Aegis pasteurized eggs. Gently pasteurized using only warm water, a good egg allows anyone to enjoy eggs any way they like. Perfect for seniors, kids, pregnant women, diabetics and the immune compromised because they are safe to eat, even raw.

A good egg is rolling out to retailers across the country and will be coming to your stores soon. Ask your retailer if they can carry a good egg.